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Stock management
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Online shop
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ERP for sales

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ERP sales document management

ERPframe Sales module offers complete sales and warehouse documentation management. You get quick access to critical information and a simple way to generate appropriate evidence. Extensive options of crating multiple pricelists, personalized discounts, and progressive pricing allow you to plan and implement the optimum sales policy. This can positively impact the quality of customer service as well. Wide-ranging price calculations, encompassing all operational costs, help increase your profit margins and minimize transactional risks.

ERP purchasing support

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Supply chain management

ERPframe Sales module helps you maintain optimum stock levels, which means timely deliveries and a steady supply chain. Automated order generation according to demand allows you to choose the best supplier and saves time otherwise spent on manual order generation. Automation minimizes the risk of quantity or product specification errors.

ERP for a warehouse

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ERP stock management

ERP frame Stock Management module meets companies’ needs with multiple warehouses, including workplace storage and production warehouses. It gives you complete control over stock levels in all areas, which speeds up internal processes and improves stock management efficiency. This module allows you to work based on serial numbers, batch numbers, and expiry dates so items are clearly identified, increasing overall processes safety. ERPframe stock management deals with all documents related to warehouse operations: receipts, the release of goods, movement of goods, initial quantities, and inventory. The amount and value of the goods allow you to create a comprehensive cost summary.

ERP for production

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ERP production planning

ERPframe production module supports you in production planning, scheduling, as well as order control. It delivers production continuity, profitability while minimizing the risk of delays due to lack of resources. It allows you to merge and divide production orders, which significantly increases efficiency. Thanks to this module, we can determine order completion dates and eliminate any bottlenecks.

ERP for an online shop

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Online shop and ERP integration

ERPframe Shop module supports your online store management within ERP software, so you know your stock levels and will never sell an item you do not have. All orders go straight into ERP, and the administration panel gives you control over the content, layout, and functionality. You can create a detailed offer of products and services from inside the module, including dividing your stock into categories. Stock details, such as name, price and images are all imported from within ERPframe. All this allows you to automate your online sales process and minimize the effort to manage its day-to-day operations.


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Transparent billing

ERPframe Billing module gives you access to the latest operating cost. An option of creating comprehensive calculations allows you to take many types of expenses into account, which makes optimization easier. This module allows you, for instance, to compare your initial estimates with summary reports so that you can determine any differences between forecasting and actual cost. Data analysis makes it easier to make informed management decisions.
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