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Document management
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Sales, purchasing, and stock management
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Hotel & Gastro
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Service & Helpdesk
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Communication & Archiving
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Human Resources

Document management system

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Safe digital document processing

DOCUframe, a document processing module, lets you deal with digital documents safely. It allows for a significant reduction of paper-based documentation and reduces labor-intensive circulation, processing, and storage. Each document is recorded as a singular copy. Our allocation functionality allows multiple users to access it from any location, so the version in DOCUframe is always the latest one. You can locate each document with ease, using one of the extensive filtering categories or text-based search. It all adds up to improved workplace satisfaction, data safety as well as saves time and money.

Sales, purchasing, stock management

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Sales and purchasing management

DOCUframe Stock management module allows for efficient management of purchasing, sales, and warehousing in a production- retail- or service-based enterprise. The software offers an intuitive way of document creation for retail and warehousing, drafting orders, and taking inventory. Thanks to these features, you can increase sales, optimize purchasing, keep your warehouse in order, and safely process your clients’ and transaction data. Use CRM function to create and manage sales processes, define next steps and analyze progress. All this allows you to deal with a larger number of clients, therefore increase turnover and profits.

A system for the hospitality industry

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A modern way to manage your hotel and restaurant

DOCUframe Hotel&Gastro module is a complete way of dealing with all your hotel and restaurant offers. The software can help you efficiently manage your staff and reservations. Also, Hotel Room and Gastro Kasse mobile applications improve the way you deal with your hotel and restaurant guests. It’s a comprehensive solution that improves customer service levels and shortens processing times, which translates into optimized resource management and enhanced workplace comfort.

System supporting Service & Helpdesk

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Efficient service

DOCUframe Service & Helpdesk module provides full support of service assignments and helpdesk queries. With this solution, you can accept new jobs, allocate tasks, monitor their status, and maintain real-time communication with customers. Thanks to this approach, even the most complex jobs become more accessible and efficient, and the time to process each of them is significantly shortened. Maximized automation and the ability to prioritize tasks improve swift and fluent job processing and accurate allocation. This adds to customer satisfaction as well as the comfort of your service team.

Safe data archiving

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Lawful data archiving

DOCUframe Digital Communication & Archiving guarantees full system integration of external and internal communication as well as safe and lawful data processing and archiving. The software allows for efficient communication with customers via electronic mail and phone, internal communication without conventional email, integrated meeting management, and document distribution and monitoring. The mobile application provides remote database access and communication with coworkers based outside of the premises. Your business’ data and documents are protected against unauthorized access by a multi-layered permission system, object-driven database, and other mechanisms. This solution improves and simplifies communication across the board, as well as provides data processing safety. It enhances your business’ efficiency, workplace comfort, productivity, contributes towards better information and document circulation.

System supporting HR operations

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Fast and efficient employee management

GSD Human Resource Management minimizes the effort creating HR documents and recruitment require. HRM module supports employee management in all aspects of data administration and employee documentation. Digital personal data include all essential documents, information regarding salaries, positions, competencies, and skills. Security and access system gives users the right to use specific HR documents and data. It improves employee communication, reduces administration costs, and shortens the recruitment process.
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Flexibility is key!
Thanks to DOCUcontrol, an integrated programming language enhanced with economic functions, nothing within DOCUframe has to remain unchanged. A trained user can not only map internal processes fast and independently but also adapt this flexible module according to various requirements.

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