Optimize and organize your warehouse space

A warehouse that operates efficiently speeds up processes in all departments, from sales through purchasing to production. Warehouse software is an exceptional help for a business, as it provides quick access to crucial information.

Gospodarka magazynowa i materiałowa

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Running multiple warehouses can be tricky for many businesses. Stock checks, assuring constant information exchange, tracking items between locations – these are but a few challenges. GSD’s comprehensive solution integrates operations across multiple warehouses, so you have all the data in one place.
The software allows you to register stock based on batch numbers, serial numbers, EAN codes, and dates, for instance, date of goods acceptance or their use-by date. This provides a proper stock-flow of all types of items in your warehouses.
This solution is helpful to transport management as well. You can define the weight, size, and type of packaging so that the system can suggest a proper courier, taking into account the cost and estimated delivery turnaround. It all adds up to minimizing your delivery costs and increasing your warehouse teams’ work satisfaction.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Warehouse space management
Multiple warehouse management
Define warehouse spaces
Arrange warehouse spaces
Lower warehouse costs
Warehouse document management
Document management optimization
Easy document generation
Safe document storage
Fast access to critical information
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