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Managing multiple projects can be a challenge. Whoever is in charge is responsible for planning, delegation, and keeping track of the progress. Therefore they are also accountable for increasing teams’ efficiency and time management.

B2B services

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With DOCUframe you can create an independent work structure for every project and assess which strategy achieves the best results. Alternatively, you can use templates of documents, tasks, and whole projects. This helps organize the work and speeds up the entire process.
For agencies specializing in lead generation or providing subscription-based services, being able to quickly and easily bill the client is essential. So is the ability to create VAT invoices, communicate with the clients and manage various documents. DOCUframe allows you to easily account for your employees’ time and summarize all resources spent on a project, so you can create all summaries quickly and present them to your client without delay.
GSD’s solution supports both internal and external communication. Your team can use the software to communicate, so they do not have to use email, which prevents them from creating multiple copies of the same document. This solution gives you access to the latest data and minimizes the possibility of making a mistake. The software includes an email client allowing you to send and receive client emails within this environment. Also, you can access the complete communication log via the client- or project-tab so that no email will get lost.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Document management
Fast documents access
Lawful and safe data archiving
Increasing the speed of document circulation
Minimizing the risk of document loss or destruction
Project management
Template creation
Delegation according to skill level
Progress reporting
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