A unified system to manage your financial and insurance services

A cohesive system mirroring your business's financial and insurance services in all its aspects is a foundation of its existence within the industry. Digital processes automate all actions, from the initial client inquiry, through digital contracts to the agreement's expiry.

Finance and insurance

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Finance and insurance businesses need high sales levels while maintaining the quality of service. Their agents work on commission and need tools that support their sales process and simplify data management. It’s important to them to know the entire customer history to personalize the interaction and maintain the aftersales relationship's quality.
When you create a large number of documents, such as quotes, agreements, policies, you inadvertently need to process a large number of data. Process automation and the ability to generate documents from a template become a much-needed solution. A well-designed document creation process limits the influence of a human factor, which means that the risk of making errors is limited as well. In addition, you can process your clients faster, which adds to the overall service quality.
The risk of the sensitive data leak is one of the main challenges for the financial and insurance industry. A solution is needed that allows you to process and archive data safely, limiting unauthorized access and in accordance with legal requirements. Thanks to high service standards, you can build client trust and loyalty, which leads to more contacts and contracts.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Document management
Fast documents access
Lawful and safe data archiving
Increasing the speed of document circulation
Minimizing the risk of document loss or destruction
Client communication
E-mail access
VoIP integration
Communication history embedded in the client profile
Automatically assign documents to a client
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