Communication and records management

Very few CRM software options give you access to client conversation history. When it is available, it often means the necessity of paying for additional cloud storage space or sentencing your sales team to monotonous email scrolling.

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GSD’s solution gives you access to email, conversations, and complete documentation straight from the client’s profile. All files, emails, conversation recordings, and notes are available in each client’s tab. So you can access the complete, chronologically organized communication log with one click.
The software gives you the option of fast billing, automated or manual invoice creation, and debt recovery support. Because all information is assimilated into one system, you can automatically generate a statement and other accounting documents.
What’s more, this solution allows for multi-level contract management. You control all contract start and termination dates, duration, and changes, so finding the information you need is quick and easy. With the alert function, you will never forget about a contract or miss an important deadline.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Document management
Fast documents access
Lawful and safe data archiving
Increasing the speed of document circulation
Minimizing the risk of document loss or destruction
Client communication
E-mail access
VoIP integration
Communication history embedded in the client profile
Automatically assign documents to a client
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