System integration is your key to success

A fitting ERP system should integrate with industry-specific equipment, such as code scanners, scales, label makers, and POS terminals.

Food industry

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GSD’s software allows you to shorten the time needed for placing orders. Thanks to automatically generated order suggestions, you get a list of all items you need with one click. The software evaluates minimal stock levels against incoming commissions and defines optimal order quantities. This means your stock levels are not breached, and steady material flow for your assembly.
ERPframe is a solution that is easily integrated with popular equipment specific to the food industry. Thanks to an open programming language, ERP can exchange information with any machine that sends e-data. Also, thanks to electronic data interchange (EDI), any data can be transferred between various types of software, like an accounting program or BI.
ERPframe allows you to monitor any batch or product history closely. It makes it easy to locate all defective items and locate their recipients should a need for a call back arise. This solution reduces workload and enables you to act quickly in an emergency.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Automated order generation
Quality control
Multi-level production planning
Expiry date control
Mixed pallet building
Bespoke pricelists and quotes
Batch history tracking
Optimized courier choice
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