Retail sales in a chain and the cloud

The number of sales occurring online increases exponentially. It seems a new online shop appears every minute, which means intense competition. How to stand out?

Retail chains and e-commerce

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With GSD’s e-commerce solution, you are getting a dedicated graphic interface and expert support, so your online store can get that unique look and be remembered by your clients.
Our solutions are integrated with a warehouse management solution, so you can see how stock levels fluctuate. This combination supported by your online shop data always kept up-to-date means that stock shortages will never be the reason for you having to cancel an order.
Warehouse software supports your stock control, its expiry dates, batch, and serial numbers. If you ever need to call back a batch of products, you can locate them with ease. What’s more, the smart alert function will notify you that the expiry date is approaching well ahead of time.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Sales process
Up-to-date stock levels
Expiry date control
Information from your online shop goes directly into ERP
Quick information exchange
Stock level control
Automated order generation
Batch history tracking
Options and sizes
Courier suggestions
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