Servicing your sales and building processes

Sales processes for developers are quite complex and incorporates actions unique to this industry. House visits, many types of contracts, deeds, and more. How to control them all?

Developers and construction companies

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You can create processes within DOCUframe to map the whole building process in one clear diagram. You can define tasks specifically for each stage, for instance, actions needed to obtain a permit. Each stage of construction can be defined and linked with the progress of other phases.
Also, this software helps you keep an eye on documents’ expiry dates. Many permits are issued for a limited time, and should any construction delays occur, you may need to reapply. In this case, our software will remind you that a document is about to expire so that you can add necessary actions to your calendar.
It can be tricky for a developer to control all the processes if they want to sell several dozen apartments at once. GSD’s software allows you to create any sales processes you need, incorporating existing and planned meetings and conversations. The software will also sort incoming messages automatically, making it easy for you to locate contact history with any client.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Sales process
Up-to-date stock levels
Expiry date control
Information from your online shop goes directly into ERP
Quick information exchange
Construction process
Graphic representation of the construction process
Task delegation
Create correlations between stages
Assign documents to every building phase
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