Optimize the use of available resources

Optimal production planning, one that avoids downtimes and delays, remains one of the most significant challenges production companies face. This situation is affected by access to materials and appropriate resources.

Procesy i zarządzanie dokumentami

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ERPframe is an advanced production planning and control system. Your production plan can be based on your client’s orders or requirements. The system will suggest an optimized batch size according to the defined parameters, so you constantly control production profitability.
The software allows you to manage various types of production orders, from term orders to production reservations. Depending on the orders’ deadline, the system calculates the latest feasible production start date. With the possibility of merging and dividing orders, advanced planning functions allow to maintain production continuity and timely completion.
Production orders’ specification lists make it possible to create extensive structures incorporating all components needed to manufacture a given product. Also, the system allows you to amend specification lists as the production progresses. Each change you make and sign off triggers product recalculations, so your information is always up-to-date.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Production planning
Forward and reverse order scheduling
Generating suggested orders for production materials
Taking stock levels into account & optimizing stock use
Optimal production batch definition
Production management
Production orders merger and division
Production to a warehouse
Initial and outcome calculation
Component manufacturing (lean manufacturing)

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