Complete and transparent information regarding the most important competencies

Tracking who among your employees possesses that one relevant competency you are after can be tricky. So you need an optimized management system to delegate tasks with accuracy and speed.

Human resources management

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The software supports the whole recruitment process, from creating a candidate’s profile to training them into a fully-fledged employee. This system allows for fast information exchange, so communication between candidates and all involved in the recruitment process happens almost automatically.
The system centralizes all employee document management, which makes it an excellent tool for ongoing e-files processing. All data is stored securely and can be accessed only by authorized personnel.
GSD’s solution allows an employee to manage some HR processes independently. Every team member can create and submit a vacation application form and check its status. In addition, all data alterations can happen almost automatically, with no need for long documents and having to copy all information.

We help businesses optimize key processes:

Recruitment process management
Communication history
Fast access to important documents
Efficient communication
Faster recruitment
Human Resources Management
Access to employees e-files
Control over deadlines
Efficient task allocation
Safe data storage
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